The CpphsaaInc Website has terminated, however CpphsaaInc is still on Facebook. CpphsaaInc on Facebook Site is not being maintained. CpphsaWeb-Org does not have access to the CpphsaaInc on Facebook.

Rhsaas-Org-Site [Regional High School Alumni Associations in Steuben County, Schuyler County, Chemung County of New York AND Tioga County of Pennsylvania]

For Corning-Painted Post High Schools -- CPP [current], East, and West High Schools:

CpphsaWeb-Org Site [Alumni Nostalgic Center]
CpphsaWeb Alumni Profile Form [Submit your Profile]or .... download PDF Profile file, fill it out and email it to
CpphsaWeb-Org Blog [Form a Reunion group, Alumni Business Notice, Alumni Personal Site Notice, etc.]
Fill out and submit the Membership or Volunteer Application Form if you wih to participate or volunteer in or as your help will be appreciated.

Even though the Cpphsaainc Facebook Page requested donations to help support activities and such, no donations are bing accepted at this time and there is no current PayPal Donate Button even thouogh referenced on Cpphsainc Facebook Page.

Policy on Private Information Gathered:
Bioform, Membership Application, Volunteer Info, Alumni Profile, and other information gathered from you will not be placed online or given out to anyone, if you tell us not to do so. If a reunion committee wished to contact you for notification of such, you can ask us to forward it to them, if there is a reunion committee. Most information currently is gathered from online, newspapers, public flyers, etc. Scrapbook informtion posted or compiled may/maynot appear online in the Scrapbook section of CpphsaWeb-Org, but such will be id/pswd and only your former classmates and teachers may have access to such. Right now we are collecting such data, but have not processed such into the scrapbooks yet.